Feathered Arms

Self titled debut album out now via Punks Only and FA REC (Scandinavia, US, Japan and more), Stargazer Records (EUR) and Tormina Records (ES/PT).

Feathered Arms - Feathered Arms

Raging riot-girl vocals, screaming guitars, exploding drums and deeply distorted bass is what you’ll get when listening to Feathered Arms. With ex members from the bands Vagina Sunrise, Scraps Of Tape, Jet Link and Militant Fields, Feathered Arms' music ends up sounding somewhere between Bratmobile, Sonic Youth and Mogwai on speed.

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None at this time.


2014-05-10 Babel, Malmö (SE) w/ Pestens Tid s/ Hurula

2014-02-27 KB18, Copenhagen (DK) w/ Feel Freeze (DK) s/ Scraps Of Tape (SE)

2014-02-22 Kulturbolaget, Malmö (SE) s/ INVSN

2014-02-19 Lilla Hotellbaren, Stockholm (SE)

2014-01-11 Babel, Malmö (SE) w/ Könsförrädare and Primitive Rites

2013-11-21 Mejeriet, Lund (SE) s/ Dead Meadow (US)

2013-10-24 Babel, Malmö (SE) w/ Goodtime and WiYcked

2013-09-27 Debaser, Malmö (SE) s/ Crocodiles (US)

2013-09-19 Studio Möllan, Malmö (SE) w/ Dog, paper, submarine

2013-08-24 Malmö (SE) Secret show